Learn How To Build, Wire, Soundproof, and Setup Your Own Dream Home Recording Studio…

Follow this step by step guidance and build your own Recording Studio at Home and kick start your music career into full gear!

Why Should You Build Your Own Studio?

As technology gets better and the price of recording studio equipment drops, it is now more and more possible to create great recordings at home. Gone are the days when recording an album was a big mystery and reserved only for the big bands in a major studio with a big recording budget. Now anyone with some musical talent lots of drive and determination and a few skills can create great recordings at home. Having your own studio will allow you to record on your own time and schedule and will allow you to work when you want and not feel pressured about time and money getting used up. Setting up your own studio can be easy and fun with the right guidance.

Choosing The Right Recording Platform.

There are many options available. One of the most important things is the learning curve required to become comfortable with how to use the system. If you already are familiar with one platform then you should probably stick with it. If not, you should consider using a system that other people you know are familiar with so that you can bounce ideas and knowledge back and forth, or you should choose a system that most of the other recording studios are using.

Recording Studio Design Ideas

When trying to decide on a home studio setup or recording studio setup, there are many recording studio design ideas. You have to pick one that is based on you budget and the kind of room you are working on. Start with the room layout that you have to work with in for you home studio setup and see what kind of designs will fit the room.

Deciding What Equipment To Buy.

The equipment you choose will most likely be driven by budget, by the type of music you play, and by the sound you are trying to create. After choosing a recording and computer platform and your speakers  you must determine how much money you have left over for microphones, cables, software plug-ins, and outboard gear. After choosing great microphones probably the next most important thing is your analog to digital converters, and your microphone pre-amplifiers.

Why The Acoustics Of Your Room Is Important.

What size of room will you need? The sound you hear in the room will ultimately effect the quality of your recordings. Putting up acoustic foam, tuning the room, and deciding what acoustic treatment you will need will all be very important.

Will You Soundproofing  for Your Room?

Soundproofing a room properly can be expensive. If you are not going to disturb anyone with your music then maybe you don’t need to soundproof. Sometimes it would be cheaper and easier to move your recording studio design ideas to another location where you will not disturb anyone than it would be to spend the money on proper soundproofing. There are two issues: The sound leaking out of the room, and sound coming into the room. If you can control both of these issues by controlling all of the external factors then you don’t need soundproofing. If you have decided that you do need to soundproof your room, then you need to decide on how much soundproofing you need, and what your budget is. If you would like to work in your studio at any time of day without worrying or disturbing anyone or worry about other sounds running your perfect take, then you need to look at doing the job properly.

What Kind Of Audio Wiring Will You Need?

If you have a limited budget then you can get away with spending the minimal about of money on wiring. You need to look at proper wiring as a convenience factor. If your studio is wired for all possible uses and configurations than you will not need to stop every time you need to re-configure something. This will allow you to keep the creative flow going. If this is important and you have the money than it is best to make sure everything is wired correctly.

Deciding What Kind Of Speakers To Buy.

There are many great studio monitor speakers available on the marketing. Deciding on a pair is a matter of taste and budget. The speakers you choose will ultimately effect how your final recordings will sound. If you get to know what the limitations of your speakers are then you will be able to compensate for them by making adjustments.

How To Get Professional Results At Home.

Once you get your studio built the most important thing will be your ears. Having a great ear and the knowledge for getting great sounds will be the most important element to producing great music. If you feel that this is not your main skill then you should bring in a great engineer or producer to work with you. This factor will be more important than any kind of equipment choice you can make or anything else you can do to make your room sound better.