Soundproofing is important when building a Home Recording Studio. There are many levels of soundproofing and you must decide what kind of results you are looking at achieving and what your budget is.

If you are on a low budget you can apply some foam padding or carpet on the walls and ceiling, put a rug on the floor, and apply some foam and weather stripping around the doors. Then install some heavy curtains on the windows. This will not necessarily soundproof the room but it will absorb some of the sound in the room and therefore less sound will be heard coming out of the room.

If you are want to take things 1 step further you can build¬† soundproof walls on top of your existing walls. This is fairly inexpensive. Get a couple 2×4 studs, Some drywall or sheetrock, and some fiberglass insulation. Build a new frame a few inches from the old wall, install the insulation, install the drywall, seal the cracks, then install foam or fabric on the surface.

However to achieve maximum results you want to build a room with a room. The first layer should be insulated and have three layers of material, Plywood, Fiber Board, and Drywall. This will block the most sound.  Then build your second wall a few inches from the first wall. You need an air space between and the two walls should not be touching. Then apply the same 3 soundproof layers to the second wall.