If you want to record your own music, soundproofing walls in a home recording studio is a must. There are lots of reasons why soundproofing is important.

The fact is that newer construction homes lack greatly with respects to soundproofing. So, conversations are easily overheard, and privacy is almost nonexistent. That’s why it’s so important to do something about it.

For those who are serious about their home recording studio, optimum sound can only be had in an environment that is soundproofed.

Soundproofing can be done in various ways, and it can be quite expensive. However, there are solutions that can see even those who are challenged by their budget see incredible results.

Therefore, soundproofing is something that must be looked at very seriously. If you are looking for the cheapest solution, then Green Glue is the way to go. It is the least expensive method, and requires the least amount of work. In fact, in terms of supply is, all you need is the glue, drywall, drywall tape and plaster. The glue is applied on the wall and then the new drywall is added on top of it. That’s the extent of the job.

Of course, it has to be done on both sides of the wall you were soundproofing. The layer of glue will be easily applied on the wall, the drywall will be adhered to it, then, plaster, drywall tape and such will have to be applied to finish the job and make it look right. It is an effective method because of the glue which is a viscoelastic dampening compound that prohibits sound or noise from penetrating the surface.

Of course, sound and noise travel, as do voices. Once the drywall is soundproofed in this manner, it won’t allow the sounds to bounce off into the room or penetrate. In other words, you may only have to deal with the walls to get instant results and that maybe more than satisfactory.

The job in question will only require about a day, depending on the size of the room. And, if you have help, you can cut that time even further. Once the soundproofing is completed and the walls are nicely finished, they can be painted, wallpapered or finished in any decor method of your choice.

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