Soundproofing your windows is also another very important element when soundproofing your room. Most of the sound that travels in and out of the room will be though the windows. Windows and glass offer very poor noise reduction capibilities.

It you are on a budget you can try making a window plug for your window. You can make one out of foam or you can make one out of wood and sheetrock and fill it with insulation. Try and make a good seal around the edges to block all possible sound from leaking though. Main problem with this solution is that it also blocks all light from coming in. If you are working in the room only at night this is not a problem. Also the plug can be removed when you do not need it.

Sound Deadening Drapes are another solution. These drapes come in a variety of different styles and will help to block any sound waves from entering or exiting through the window. This is not a perfect method to block sound but it will help.

The best methods are to purchase dounble paned soundproof windows. These windows are designed for noise reduction.

Better still is to create a double window design. With one window on the inside and another on the outside with an airspace inbetween. This airspace is what will stop the sound. You also need to angle the inside glass.

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